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Why Use GMG?

Because it removes odor, Lice, all Fungi, Bacteria, Ringworms, Mange and more on dogs, cats, horses and other fur and feathered pets. Without exposing pets or you to hazardous chemicals. It leaves pets fur and feathers parasite free, soft, lustrous and shinning with health.

PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS to achieve optimal results!

What does GMG do?

We have had reports of elimination of External Parasites, Lice, all Fungi, Bacteria, Ringworms, Mange, Nicks, Cuts, Wounds, Abrasions, Lacerations, Skin Symptoms like Bumpy, Scabby, Oozing, Cracked, Swollen areas, Tenderness, Inflammation, and Wheals.

Quite simply it suffocates bacteria and destroys the exoskelletons of insects and parasites yet nourishes the skin in the process.

Our own pets are free of all the above ailments, thanks to GMG All Natural Animal Wash.

Speed & Efficacy

How quickly does GMG all natural Animal Wash work on mange and hotspots?

The effectiveness varies from animal to animal, but generally most people see a good improvement within 3-4 days



Animal Wash 


1.Locate afflicted area of skin on pet.  

2.Shake the contents of bottle.  

3.Spray or daub on the area well.

4.Let dry.  Apply up to 3-4 times per day for one week.  

You will see the skin improve within the first couple of days.


GMG all natural Animal Wash contains a proprietary blend of extracts of natural and plants grown solely in the USA including: pure water, amino acids, cactus, coconut, grass, potatoes, rice, tree nuts,  corn oil, minute amounts of natural or nonionic surfactants, fatty acids, tetracetic acid (vinegar) alkanolamines & organic alcohol in a base of colloidal micelles.  All ingredients are approved by Good Housekeeping & OSHA. No toxic health-threatening fumes nor carcinogenic VOC’s.

Special Prepartions ?

No need to Clip, Scrub, Scrape, or Soak.

Must I Wash my entire pet with GMG all natural Animal Wash?

You can, if skin problems cover the entire body, BUT if not, it is only necessary to apply GMG all natural Animal Wash to the areas that are affected.


1. What if my pet licks GMG All Natural Animal Wash?

GMG is a non-toxic soap.  It tastes like soap.   So if your animal licks it, he probably won’t continue to do so, and if he does continue, it won’t hurt him.

2. Will it still work if my pet licks it? 

You may have to re-spray the area if your pet licks it repeatedly, but GMG all natural Animal Wash will work over time.


GMG all natural Animal Wash is slippery when spilled.   It is advisable to keep it out of reach of children and others, because it might cause a tummy ache....since it is a soap.  Meets OSHA standards 29CFR-1910 1200. USDA approved for Federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants. Contains no ingredients listed on OSHA hazardous materials list, however, chemically sensitive people should test before using.  Safe for Eyes, Ears, Skin, and Ingestion! MSDS available on request